ZPID Conference System

Research Synthesis 2019

May 29-31, 2019, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hotspot topics in all subfields of psychology and related areas are addressed with the aid of research synthesis methods.

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Big Data in Psychology 2019

May 27-29, 2019, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Methods and applications using Big Data in Psychology are being addressed.

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Open Science 2019

March 12-14, 2019, Trier, Germany

Methodological and conceptual issues of the implementation of open science standards as a response to the replication crisis are discussed.

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Identifying the Determinants of (Non-)Replicability: The Theory of Planned Behavior

October 17-19, 2018, Trier, Germany

The overall aim of this conference is to present and to discuss contributions aimed at empirically identifying the factors rendering psychological theories replicable. The focus will be on the theory of planned behavior (TPB; Ajzen, 1985, 1991, 2012).

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Registered Reports Workshop 2018

January 25-26, 2018, Trier, Germany

This workshop has been moved to the archive. Conference presentations are available.

A workshop to discuss the potential of pre-registration and different registered reports implementation variants with international experts, publishers, and representatives of research service infrastructures.

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